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Pre-insulated pipelines are widely used in various heating applications due to its outstanding thermal insulation properties and the way of quick on-site installation. We offer specialized products and service for personalized needs of diverse projects. Our solutions list provides a comprehensive look at numerous types of projects which WANLI has successfully completed.

    1. Power Generation Industry
    2. Power Generation Industry

      Heat-supply pipe networks are mainly installed in large-scale heat-supply enterprises including thermal power stations, distributed power stations and heating power companies. The pipeline typically features a large diameter, long distance and high requirements on transporting performance.

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    1. Petrochemical Industry
    2. Petrochemical Industry

      Petrochemical industries are important for energy consumption, with heating and cooling pipelines used in almost every production step. With the exception of general pipeline insulation, petrochemical industries have special strict requirements for pipe corrosion and thermal insulation.

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    1. Manufacturing Industry
    2. Manufacturing Industry

      Wide application of steam led to the first industrial revolution and the steam has never been out of the industrial production field after entering the electric age. Heavy-duty machinery enterprise, electronic instrument company, textile dyeing and printing enterprise, food processing enterprise and all kinds of industrial manufacturing industries involve production process requiring the use of steam all the time.

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    1. City Infrastructure
    2. City Infrastructure

      In the process of urban modernization, the demands of rail traffic, medical facility, hotel, community and other public buildings have been increasing, creating a huge market for heating and cooling distribution. WANLI PIPELINE supplies pre-insulated piping systems for above ground, underground, buried and tunnel distribution of both hot water and steam in urban environments.

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